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Have you ever travelled on Thai Airways or booked a ticket for the first time and do not want to travel on the booking date and want to know the Thai Airways flight change fee? The service fee is in addition to the reissue/rerouting charges of USD 125 as stipulated in the Round The World Fare Rules.

How can I change my flight ticket date at Thai Airways?

  • If you want to change your Thai airways flight first step you have to do is go to the official website of the airways through this URL
  • And after that, you must go to the website and login yourself to the websites if you have already registered; otherwise, register yourself first.
  • These are the process by which you will reach their website, and from there, you have to go to the header menu and click on Manage Booking.
  • And then click on the Manage Booking, a page will open from where you will have to fill in the details, and after filling in the details, your booking will open.

When you open your booking this way, there will be an option of change next to it, click here, and you will have to fill in the new date. For example, you can change your Thai Airways ticket data this way; when the ticket date changes, a confirmation message will appear on your registered number or id.

How much is the rebooking fee for Thai Airways?

  • For rebooking, you have to go to the official websites. Afterward, go to the Manage section, and you have to cancel your ticket.
  • If you want to rebook your Thai airways flight, you must pay the charges of USD 125.

This is how you can cancel your Thai Airways ticket. If you need more information than this, then visit the website. Otherwise, you can call the customer service at 18001021225

Can flight dates be changed?

  • Yes, the flight’s date can be changed, but for this, you have to go to the official website first through
  • After that, you have to log in to the website if you have already registered: You have to register first.
  • After filling in your details by going to Manage to book, you can make any changes from there and the ticket date.

Yes, you can also change the date of the ticket, and the above information has been shared on how to change it; you can contact us for more information at 18001021225

Thai airways change the flight

  • If you want to change the Thai airways flight, You can rebook a new trip on your own with a wide choice of options to meet your needs without a penalty fee in 3 easy steps.
  • First, you have to go to the website. After that, go to the manage booking section and fill in your details here
  • from there, your booking will be opened, and you can change or modify your ticket and flight.

You can change Thai Airways flight in this way. I hope you have understood every step for more information you can call the 18001021225

Thai Airways flight schedule

  • Thai Airways services 35 countries and offers online flight booking to famous domestic Thailand and International destinations.
  • And once the Thai Airways flight was scheduled, it would take off on its own time.

Are you also thinking about travel? If yes, then the Best Thai Airways flight for the trip Promises good convenience and on-time travel; I hope you liked this information!

Thai airways change flight dates

  • Yes, you can change the flight date, but you can do it before 24 hours of the flight’s departure without charges.
  • First, go to official websites and then go to manage to book and fill in their details, and when your booking is open, you can change the ticket.

So here is the complete information to change the flight ticket date of Thai Airways if you And if you find this information less then you can call the toll-free number for more information.!

Thai airways change its name

  • THAI is a founding member of the Star Alliance. It is one of the best airlines that provide the best service to its customers.

Thai airways change flight policy

  • The policy of change in Thai airways is if you want to change your ticket, you have to do it before the 24 hours of the flight departure without paying charges.
  • But if you change your flight after 24 hours, you have to pay the changes charges.
  • And if you once booked the economy class ticket, you can not change and cancel.

Here with some vital information related to the changed policy of Thai Airways; you must have liked the information and understood it too.

Thai Airways customer service in the USA

  • If you want to contact the customer service of Thai Airways, then you can call this toll-free number 18001021225
  • And you can call this toll-free number anytime as customer service works 24 hours a day.

So here is the information to contact its customer service and for contact in any country, you can go to the contact us page of the website.

Thai airways live chat

  • If you want to live chat with the customer service of Thai Airways, then you have to go to the website
  • And after that, you will go to the website’s footer section; that contact will be the option you click:
  • And on websites, there is also an option of live chat on the corner; you can do live chat from where you can call on the given numbers and do a live talk, or you can do chat.

Hey, Hope you must have liked and understood the things mentioned above, and you can call on this toll-free number 18001021225 for more information.

How do I contact Thai Airways?

Do you know that you can contact Thai Airways anytime as their customer service works 24 hours a day to provide your customers with the best facility For this, you can get by visiting the website, contact by visiting his page, you can go to his page of direct contact from this URL And you can also email to their email id which is given below.

New Delhi: 01161238974

Hyderabad: 04066605022

Thai Contact Center (Reservation):(66-2) 356-1111



Q-1: Can you change your flight date once booked?

Ans: yes, you can change your flight ticket date once booked, but for changes, first you have to go to the official website of thai airways and after that go to manage, and from there you can change or manage your ticket date.

Q-2: How long before a flight can you change the date?

Ans: if you booked your ticket, For domestic bookings, customers could make any changes or cancellations free of charge within 24 hours of booking if booked at least seven days before the travel dates.

Q-3: How do I change the name on my plane ticket after booking?

Ans:  The tickets are non-transferable to anyone’s name. Hence, name transfers on a confirmed reservation are not permissible. Instead, you must cancel your ticket and book a new key with the new passenger’s name. Cancellation charges, if any, will be applicable accordingly.

Q-4: Can I change the flight passenger name?

Ans: no, you can not change the flight passenger’s full name on the ticket, but you can correct the error of the word. If your name has missing characters, you can change this, but you must submit documents like an Aadhar card, etc.

Q-5: What is the cancellation fee for Thai Airways?

Ans: for information, if you cancel your flight on Thai Airways after 24 hours of the ticket purchase, you have to pay around $90 -$120 as a cancellation fee of Thai Airways.

Q-6: How can I reschedule my international flight?

Ans: Go to the website on which you booked the flight ticket and press reschedule option. It depends on how you have booked your flight. If airlines directly, then call, and they will reschedule, or if there are any portals, then you have to speak with them. Kindly visit your carrier and ask them to reschedule it.

Q-7: Thai Airways flight change fee?

Ans: If your flight has been delayed or canceled by the airline, you can change it without any charges. Thai Airways will deduct $100 to $400 per person as per the type of the tickets, and you can change them accordingly as they are not changed on the name of another passenger.


In this entire blog, you have been told how you can change to Thai Airways: All information is well given in simple language. You need to read the blog carefully; you will understand everything.

And hope that the given information will prove to be good for you.!

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