Read the baggage allowance before you travel on a Loganair flight

Do not stand in front of the closet and pack everything you have bought recently for a trip. This would have been a great idea if you were travelling via train. But if you have a flight to catch then, this certainly isn’t a great idea. From the moment you have booked your ticket for an aviation company like Loganair, you need to remember that you have to follow all the baggage allowances that the aviation company has. You cannot afford to carry more than what is allowed if you do not want to pay for the same. So if you have questions like “how much luggage can you take on Loganair?” or “Loganair extra baggage cost and Loganair luggage allowance”, here in this blog, you will have an idea of all these.

How to check the baggage allowance

  • is the official website from where you will be able to get the baggage allowances.
  • Make sure you do not refer to any other website because you might not get the authentic information of the same.
  • When you open the website, you will find a place where travel and allowances are written. That is where you will get to know the Loganair luggage allowance.
  • You are allowed to carry multiple bags for your Loganair flight, but the wait for the same should not be more than 15kgs.
  • If you have a business class ticket according to the Loganair luggage allowance. You are allowed to carry 23kg hold luggage.
  • If you are a flyflex+ customer, you can carry a 30 kgs hold the bag and a 23 kg single bag. Then, if your luggage exceeds the 25 kg mark, you will have to pay baggage costs.
  • If you are carrying a pram for your kid, you will not have to pay any baggage charge for that.
  • A child over 2 years can carry a bag, but the wait should not be more than 15 kg.

These are some of the basic Logan air luggage allowances you need to follow no matter where you are travelling. Make sure you read them all, and if you have any issues, you can also call up the customer service people and talk to them on the number: 03448002855 for UK and 44-203-885-4721 for the global.

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