How do I upgrade my ticket at Iberia airlines? It should not be a confusing question after you have read this blog till the end. Here every step that is important for you to know when you have initiated the upgrade process is mentioned below. All you need is to read till the last; by the end, you will know what needs to be done.

Iberia Seat Upgrade to Business Class & Premium Economy (process):

The first thing you need to know when you are an option for an upgrade is that there are two ways. One is by bidding, and the other is via complimentary upgrade. For one, you will have to pay a certain amount, but you can get the same done for a complimentary upgrade for free.

Let’s check the steps:

  • is the URL for the official website that will answer your “How do I upgrade my flight after booking?”. Just click on the blue link, and you will get access to the first page of the official website.
  • Clicking on “YOUR FLIGHTS” is the next step for upgrading the flight tickets. Click on that and wait till the time you will get to the next page.
  • On the next page, you will have to write the “TICKET NUMBER”, and below that, you will have to write the “LAST NAME”.
  • Once the details are written, you will get access to your e-ticket, and if your tickets are eligible for an upgrade, you will get the option below that ticket.

The steps to upgrading are very simple, and all you need to do is follow the steps carefully, and you will be able to upgrade your flight tickets. In case you have any confusion, you can call the Iberia airlines customer service phone number on the following numbers:

Austria Number: +4 317 956 7722

United States Number: (800) 772-4642

Algeria Number: +21 398 320 0128

Canada Number: (800) 772-4642

Argentina Number: +54 115 354 8125

They will answer your questions like How much does it cost to upgrade to economy? As they are available at your service 24/7




Can I upgrade my flight before check-in?

Yes, if you feel you would want an upgrade even 24 hours before the flight departure while you get the online check-in done.

Can you upgrade your flight after boarding?

Yes, you can contact the flight attendant on the flight and ask if there is an upgrade. If there is any, you can get the same after boarding. But that rarely happens. So, the chances for that are very minimal.

How much is it to check a bag internationally?

If you are under the limit that is provided in the baggage allowance, then you will have to pay anything for a bag check. But if the limit exceeds, then, in that case, you will have to pay a certain amount depending on the wait that has exceeded.

How much should I offer for a business class upgrade?

The amount is somewhat between $150- $300. You need to check that while you are getting the upgrade done via the official website. If there is any confusion, you can call the customer service team, who will help you.


So, as mentioned in the introduction, you must have clarity regarding what needs to be done if you wish to upgrade your flight tickets.

Hope the information helps!

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