If you have a change of plan and want to upgrade your seat, you can do it very quickly with Air Canada. Air Canada allows you to upgrade after purchase or with your purchase. You can also receive a free upgrade On Air Canada to learn more about how do I upgrade my ticket at Air Canada. Read below.

How do I upgrade my ticket at Air Canada?

  • Login to the Air Canada website  www.aircanada.com
  • Go to the Book button under that you will find manage/bookings. Click that.
  • After that, you must enter your passenger number and Name and enter for confirmation.
  •  You can now choose the E upgrade option And make the necessary changes that you require for your upgrade. After clicking confirm, you will receive a mail that will verify your upgrade at Air Canada.

How can I get a free upgrade on Air Canada?

  • The best way to save on premium economy seats on flights with Air Canada is by joining the Air Canada Aeroplan membership.
  • Air Canada Elite members are rewarded annual benefits that include many free upgrades and heavy discounts on premium economy seat flights for themselves and the passengers they are traveling along.
  •  Members also have access to number upgrade credits based on status, which you can use to upgrade from economy to business class.

How do Air Canada upgrades work?

There is an option called e-Upgrades: You can upgrade using these credits issued by Air Canada as rewards for loyalty. 

Star Alliance Upgrade Awards: you can use choose all the currencies from other airlines to upgrade your flight 

AC Bid Upgrade program: you can Upgrade any economy or premium economy ticket by bidding cash. 

Last Minute Upgrade Purchase: You can do a last-minute upgrade at the check-in counter or a self-service check-in kiosk. 

How do I get an upgrade on my flight?

  • You can complete your Last Minute Upgrade Purchase At the Web Check-in or comfortably on your mobile device within 24 hours before the departure. 
  • At a self-service Check-in Kiosk, within the 12 hours before departure and

Can I upgrade my flight after booking?

  • You can make the offer to request an upgrade by placing the bid on the AC Bid Upgrade webpage.
  • You shall be notified by email around 48 hours before the flight if your bid has been accepted.
  • The flight will have an option “Instant Upgrade” this gives you the possibility of securing your upgrade to a higher cabin class at an affordable cost. 
  • The Instant Upgrade option is available only on eligible routes and flights 10 to 3 days before departure, and if both options are available, you can only pick one. If an upgrade is successful, it is non-refundable and non-transferable

Air Canada upgrade price

The cost of a Preferred Seat is between $17 and CAD 299/USD*

Non-elite status members and elites who want to upgrade ahead of time can purchase 500-mile upgrades for $30 each or using miles and a cash copay. A coach-to-business-class upgrade costs 15,000 miles and $75 on most flights.

Air Canada upgrade (benefits)

  • You can travel more comfortably when you have upgraded flight tickets. You have extra leg space and comfort along with entertainment and extra dining facilities.
  •  not only do you receive comfortable travel while traveling you also have access to their 5 Star travel lounge
  • Extra benefits during check-in and check-out boarding have been taken out for people who travel in upgrade tickets.

Air Canada free upgrade trick

Timing is Everything

  • Arrive ahead of time on a flight; you definitely won’t get an upgraded seat if half the plane is already boarded. If you want a free upgrade, be sure to approach the gate agent when they look relaxed, not when they’re already dealing with a line full of people or multiple phone calls. 
  • You are more likely to get the opportunity for a free flight upgrade if you catch a gate agent or another airline employee at the right time. Be direct but ask politely – don’t forget to smile! – and make sure to mention if you’re on your honeymoon, recently had surgery, or are celebrating. It’s amazing what a little human compassion can get you!

Be a Frequent Flyer

  • It helps to be loyal. And more often than not, it’s the frequent flyers with elite status who are eligible for a free flight upgrade. Make sure to sign up for the airline’s rewards programs; signing up for Air Canada Altitude, for example, can help you score a seat upgrade. These Altitude privileges are all saved on your Aeroplan card, which will help certify your elite traveler status! With Aeroplan, you rack up points each time you fly with Air Canada, slowly moving up the ladder as a frequent flyer. The more points you get, the higher the status. If a flight is oversold and the airlines need to bump passengers up, they would much rather give a seat upgrade to a frequent flyer (valued customer) than someone who travels once a year.

Check the Seat Status

  • Arriving for your flight early has its perks, and you can take this time to try and get that free seat upgrade you’ve been dreaming of. When you get to the airport, head directly to the check-in counter of the airline you’re traveling alone. The agent at the check-in counter might have more leverage over the status of the seating chart, so this is a good opportunity to ask about the availability of seats. 
  • Once you’re at the gate for your departure, it’s not a bad idea to stay close to the gate agent desk (although please don’t be that annoying lingerer) so that you are right there if any last-minute cancellations occur. They are offering free seat upgrades. You never know!

Stay in Touch With Your Airline

  • Sometimes booking a flight with a third party means forgetting what airline you’re flying along. Make sure you know where you booked your ticket and the airline you use for your trip. It helps if you have the Aeroplan card or any frequent flyer membership number so that you can easily input the number on the airline’s website to check your flight status.
  •  Also, make a point to check your email frequently the day before your scheduled flight to see if there are any changes or if they’ve messaged you about any possibilities to upgrade.

Travel Solo

  • It pays to go it alone! If you’re taking a trip to Hawaii with a party of five, your party will probably not get upgraded to first class for free. Although a single traveler, and especially a traveler with only a small carry-on bag, is more likely to get an upgrade on a flight. 
  • It’s much easier for the staff to move one passenger around than a group. Bonus points if you’re a solo traveler who dresses well. You’ll enjoy extra legroom or onboard Wi-Fi before you know it!

Air Canada customer service email

  • If you get off the phone after completing a call to Air Canada and feel a bit frustrated because you could not resolve your concern, don’t fret. Don’t worry. You still have plenty of other options.
  • The Air Canada website will assist you in getting your email to the correct department. 
  • Although they do not have an official email ID, you can send them an email through their website. For that, you have to log into the official website of Air Canada.WWW.AIRCANADA.COM.
  • Then you are supposed to click on customer support.
  • Under customer support, you will find the button where you will have plenty of options to choose from and clear your clarifications and doubts. It is almost like an online form to remove your doubts, so you can enter your doubts there and have them clear, and you will receive a reply in a short time.


Q 1: Can you ask for a free upgrade at the airport?

Answer 1: If you are a member of their Loyalty program, then you might receive a free upgrade at the airport to get a free upgrade at the airport; make sure that you have check-in early and are a member of their Loyalty program.

Q 2: Can I upgrade my flight after purchase?

 Answer 2: Yes, you have the option of greeting your flight after the purchase. To do that, you have to had to the official website of Air Canada, where there is an option to upgrade your flight after the purchase.

Q 3: Is it cheaper to ask for an upgrade at the airport?

 Answer 3: It is always better to upgrade in advance than at the airport.

Q 4: How much does an upgrade cost at the airport?

 Answer 4: Upgrade at the airport can cost up to 400 CAD $.

Q 5: Air Canada is toll-free number

Answer 5: 0008000401885

Q 6: Air Canada upgrade to business class cost

Answer6: If you earn the Aeroplan 75K status through flying and other activities, you can use your Aeroplan card and spend $50,000 to get bumped up 1 tier to the top-tier Super Elite status.


With this blog, all your doubts relating to upgrading your seat at Air Canada have been cleared. We discussed how to get an upgraded Air Canada after purchasing the ticket before purchasing the ticket for also at check-in and a few tricks about how to receive an upgrade at Air Canada. Air Canada makes sure that you travel comfortably, so whenever you wish to get an upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact the customer support at Air Canada or contact assistance at check-in for an upgrade.


In my experience of traveling, Air Canada has made sure that they have made it convenient and easy to upgrade the tickets. After reading this blog, I have a clear idea about what to do. I have now comfortably upgraded my ticket and looking forward to the trip.

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