Whether planning a leisure trip or going on a business trip, Singapore Airlines is a perfect choice. This airline makes sure that each flyer has peace of mind in the air. Moreover, the airline’s customer service is available round the clock to assist you whenever needed. So how do I speak to live person at Singapore Airlines? or How do I talk to live person in Singapore Airlines?

Providing Singapore Airlines customer service in the hour of need is very important, and Singapore Airlines excels in that. It knows that solving passengers’ issues, lets flyers have a hassle-free journey in the air. Therefore, 24*7 customer care has been made available for their convenience. Reach out to airline executives to share your concern and eradicate queries quickly. Let’s discuss ways to connect with agents of the airline. 

How do I speak to live person at Singapore Airlines?

  • If you need to speak to a live customer service representative in Singapore Airlines, you need to dial 1-800-742-3333
  • To speak with a live agent, you must press pound, press four, and stay on the line (typical waiting time is about 30-45 minutes).
  • For website and mobile app assistance, please press 1.
  • For commercial booking, you have to press 2.
  • Individual bookings, you should press 3.
  • For any doubts or inquiries, press 4.
  • For travel agents, press 5.
  • To repeat the call is menu press 9.
  • You can call their local office if you need urgent help from Singapore Airlines customer service experts. Or dial 1 (833) 727 0118 or +1 860 318 2831 directly.
  •  The airline offers you a specific
  • phone number to speak with their representatives if your flight is
  • Leaving in the next 72 hours.
  • Further, for PPS club members, the airline has a request call back service.
  •  You can type PPS followed by your club membership number and text +65 9184 8888.
  •  As a result, you will receive a callback from the airline.

Singapore airlines live chat

  • Go to the official website singaporeair.com.
  • Find the Chat with us Online button. Singapore airlines live chat helps you to connect via chat.
  •  Click on the button, and the new page will require you to log in to your KRIS Flyer account. 
  • After that, you can obtain all the help you require online.
  • With Kris, you can do the following activities:
  • Retrieve the latest flight status
  • Get the status of your waitlisted flights.
  • Check baggage allowance
  • Find the next available flight.
  • So, use this method to talk to a person and get the necessary answers you need. However, you still have other options if you do not want to do that.

You can always connect with Singapore Airlines contact:

USA (800) 742 3333

UK +44 203 027 7900 +44 161 830 5712

Singapore airlines live chat hours

Kris is right there for you 24/7 and always helpful. However, if Kris cannot resolve your issue, it will offer to connect you to a customer service agent*, if available.

*Between 9 am to 1 am 

Singapore airlines contact email

  • The following best way to connect to an airline expert is via email. 
  • You can email the airline’s official mailing address and receive assistance in return. 
  • Open your new email section and compose an email query. 
  • The airline supervisor will connect with you based on the urgency of your situation, So you can get help 24/7 and obtain answers without further delays.

Singapore airlines contact email are 

  • To contact Singapore Airlines via email using the following Singapore Airlines contact form.
  • For Reservations, send an email to us_reservations@singaporeair.com.sg.
  • To Lost or Damaged Baggage, send an email to baggageservice@hallmark-aviation.com.

How do I contact Singapore airport?

  • 0118 or +1-860-318-2831. The airline offers you regional contact numbers for every region it serves flights. So, if you are in the USA, you can directly dial the Singapore airlines customer service USA team. Similarly, in Canada, you can call the customer service team.
  • But in general, you need to follow these steps below:
  • Firstly, you can open the airline’s official website and enter their “Contact us page.
  •  After that, you will see the “Get in touch with us” section.
  • Now, you must select the “Country” you wish to contact.
  •  You can specify the city in the “City” option.
  •  Once you choose the city, you will find the associated phone number on the next end.
  •  Now, dial it from your phone and wait to connect to the IVR. Once you connect to the expert, explain your query.
  • The airline manager will assist you with everything he can.
  • Hence, you can obtain the help you want without further delays once you talk to a Singapore Airlines live person for assistance.

Singapore Airlines customer service

  • For bookings made through Singapore Airlines site, ticket counters, or phone reservation lines, we can offer the lowest fare available through every booking channel, which the passenger is eligible for, based on whatever specified travel dates flights, and a class of travel. 
  • Singapore Airlines makes every effort to deliver baggage on time, makes every reasonable attempt to return mishandled baggage within 24 hours, compensates passengers for reasonable expenses associated with any delayed delivery as required by applicable international agreements, and refunds any baggage fee the passenger paid in case bag is lost.
  • Singapore Airlines makes due effort to provide prompt refunds after receiving a complete refund application, where ticket refunds are due.
  • Also, Singapore Airlines shall treat customers with disabilities as required by other special needs customers, including during lengthy tarmac delays.

Will include:

  • Provision of wheelchair assistance for transportation to, from, and between gates;
  • Boarding assistance;
  • Assistance with any visual, auditory, cognitive, or mobility impairments while in the airport and on the plane; and
  • Accommodation for specific medical requirements such as medical portable electronic devices.
  • Singapore Airlines shall meet customers’ needs during lengthy tarmac delays, as provided in Singapore Airlines Delay Contingency Plan.
  • Singapore Airlines shall notify consumers promptly of changes to their travel itineraries.
  • Also, singapore Airlines shall ensure responsiveness to consumer complaints. We shall acknowledge a complaint within 30 days and provide a substantive response within 60 days of receiving it.
  • Suppose Singapore Airlines cancels, diverts, or delays a flight. In that case, to the best of our ability, Singapore Airlines will provide meals, accommodation, assistance in rebooking, and transportation to the capacity 
  • Singapore Airlines will notify consumers through our website, 
  • Singapore Airlines will allow consumers to cancel ticket made using the website without any penalty for 24 hours time period after the reservation is made, as long as that reservation is made one week or more before a flight’s scheduled departure. Consumers will need to call our contact center to cancel such online bookings.
  • Singapore Airlines ask consumers to hold without payment a reservation made at a Singapore Airlines reservation office for 24 hours after the reservation is made, as long as that reservation is made one week or more before a flight scheduled departure.

 You can always connect with Singapore Airlines contact:

USA (800) 742 3333

UK +44 203 027 7900 +44 161 830 5712


Q1. How do I contact Singapore Airlines customer service UK?

Telephone 020 7660 8988

Ticket Sales Desk at London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2, Area A

Operating Hours:

0600-2100hrs, Monday to Sunday

Lost and Found Office

Telephone 020 8745 2166


Room L0.0139

Terminal 2: The Queen’s 

London Heathrow Airport

Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 1EW

Operating Hours:

0700-2000hrs, Monday to Sunday

Q2. Singapore Airlines on a Phone Call?

Singapore Airlines has the option of reaching them through phone calls. There are available for you to get to them that number is 1800 742 333

Q3. How do I speak to a live person at Singapore Airlines?

  • If you need to speak to a live customer service representative in Singapore Airlines, dial 1 800 742 3333. 
  • To speak with a live agent, you need to press pound , press four and stay on the line (typical waiting time is about 30-45 minutes).

Q4. How can I get in touch with Singapore airlines via phone?

  • Singapore Airlines’ customer service phone number is 1 800 742 3333. Live customer service representatives from Singapore Airlines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • For Kris Flyer Membership Services, you need to dial 1 800 742 3333.
  • For Lost and Found Office, you need to dial 1 866 767 2247.
  • You can get all customer service phone numbers on the Singapore Airlines Contact page.

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