Alaska Airlines’ traveling has been easier than before. If you have a change of plans, you can always cancel your tickets. Learn how do I cancel and refund at Alaska airline

For more information call USA +1-800-252-7522

How do I cancel and refund at Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines makes traveling even more accessible with its excellent refund and cancellation policies. Their low-fare calendar helps you to find the best deals available. In case of a change of plans, “How do I cancel my Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket and get a Full Refund?” is mentioned below.

  •  The official website has an easily accessible interface with multiple options 
  • Information for booking tickets, checking the status of flights, and canceling your tickets all on one page.
  • Click on the “manage” button on the home page.
  • Enter your confirmation number, and last name press continue. 
  • Select “Cancel” option 
  • You will be allowed to choose to receive future travel credit through email deposited into your account wallet. 
  • You will receive an email confirmation once the cancellation is complete.

Alaska airlines refund policy

  • Any tickets purchased within 24 hours can be canceled for a full refund online by visiting the Manage Reservations page.
  •  If in case, you purchased the ticket within 24 hours of departure, you would have to bear a $125 fee.
  • For refundable tickets, you have many options. You can make a request online the refund gets credited back to the original form of payment; you can also contact customer service.

To receive a refund or a credit, your purchased reservation needs to meet these requirements:

  • It should be issued at, an Alaska ticket counter or. Alaska Airlines reservation call center.
  • Must not contain saver fare after the first 24 hours of booking.
  •  Must include a government fare.
  •  It should not be more than a year from the original purchase date.
  • It must not be part of a vacation package booking.
  • Must not contain an unaccompanied minor booked on a carrier other than Alaska Airlines.
  • It should be ticketed using US dollars as a form of currency.

These are the requirements for the Alaska Airlines refund policy.

  • Refund Request helpline : call 206-392-7722 on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

For more information call USA +1-800-252-7522

If I cancel my ticket within 24 hours of booking, can I get a refund?

  • Cancel your flights during 24 hours of purchase for a complete refund, or make a change* to your itinerary during 24 hours of purchase with 0 change fees.
  • Planning a trip can be very complicated; hurdles tend to pop up when you’re least expecting them. No matter what kind of surprises life has in store, you have the flexibility to cancel your travel with our 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • How does it work?
  • You can cancel/change your flights online by visiting our manage reservation page.
  • When your plans change during the first 24 hours following your ticket purchase, here’s what you need to know:
  • If you need to cancel your flights and have a change of plans, they will refund you the cost of your original unused tickets.
  • If you have to change* your flights, you can do so at a time without paying any extra change fees.
  • The 24-hour cancellation policy is only applicable to tickets booked for travel starting more than 24 hours from the time of purchase.
  • For tickets purchased within 24 hours of departure, our standard change and cancellation policy applies immediately after ticketing.
  • You’ll still be responsible for any fare increases and taxes that apply to your new itinerary.
  • With these policy-making changes simple and affordable, go ahead and get started booking your flights now, worry-free.
  •  For Saver fares, no changes are allowed, but you may cancel and refund your ticket as described above.
  • Refunds may take up to seven (7) business days to be returned to your original form of payment.

Alaska airlines cancellation fee

  • Saver Ticket
  • If you have bought a Saver fare, you cannot change your ticket, even within the 24-hour window from when your reservation was purchased. If less than 24 hours have already passed by, the only thing you can do would be to cancel the old ticket and book a completely new one.
  • Main Cabin Ticket
  • If case you need to make a change to your main cabin ticket, you can do that without needing to pay an extra fee. If you are upgrading your flight to a more expensive change, then you will have to pay the price difference of both tickets as well.
  • First Class Ticket
  • First-class tickets can be changed without costing you any change fees. If you want to change your flight to a more expensive option, then you should pay that cost difference too.
  • Award Ticket
  • Alaska no longer charges a change for award tickets. Same-Day Changes
  • Same-day changes are $50 for all ticket types (not including Saver tickets), except for those whose travel is entirely within the state of California,
  • In this case, the fee is $25. If you hold MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, or MVP Gold 100K status with Alaska Airlines, or your travel itinerary is wholly within the state of Alaska, the same-day change fee will be waived.
  • Keep in mind that same-day changes are subject to the availability of seats in the same cabin. However, you will only be charged the fee if you get a seat. You won’t be charged for being on same-day standby if there is no availability.

For more information call USA +1-800-252-7522

Can you cancel reservations last minute?

  • Yes, a cancellation of the reservation can happen last minute, but there will be a fee. The cancellation fee of Alaska Airlines will generally depend on the fare purchased by the customers. 
  • Apart from the cancellation fee, the customers will also have to pay a fare difference, if applicable. Alaska Airlines will charge a $125 cancellation fee per person, in addition to fare difference, if any, for canceling nonrefundable tickets outside the 24-hour cancellation window. 
  • No cancellations will be permitted outside of the 24-hour cancellation policy when purchasing Saver fare.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight on Alaska airlines?

  • If you need to change or cancel your travel plans, here are a few things you’ll need to know.
  • No change fees will apply, but a difference in fare may be charged for your new flights.
  • Per our no-show policy, you must change or cancel your reservation before your flight departs to receive future travel credit.
  • Same-day confirmed changes are allowed during the check-in window. A $25-50 fee will apply, but no difference in fare is charged.

Alaska airlines cancellation policy covid

  • Their commitment to Next-Level Care means we’ve implemented 100+ ways to maintain the highest safety standard throughout your travels. Feel great about flying through your journey—from booking and boarding to day-of travel and beyond.
  • No change fees.
  •  They have permanently eliminated change fees for Main and First Class fares. Fare differences may apply.
  • The 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all fares. 
  • Otherwise, Saver fares may not be changed or canceled.

Alaska airlines cancellation policy after 24 hours

  • After the first 24 hours, nonrefundable tickets may be issued a credit certificate or credit deposit into My wallet. Applicable change fees will be charged when the credit certificate or deposit is given.
  • If your reservation is not eligible for an online refund or credit, you may cancel it online to clear any service requests and make your seat available for those still traveling.

For more information call USA +1-800-252-7522


Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight?

Cancel your flights during 24 hours of purchase for a complete refund, or make a change* to your itinerary within 24 hours of purchase with no change fees

How can I cancel my flight without fees?

 If you are a holder of the MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, or MVP Gold 100K status with Alaska Airlines, and your travel itinerary is within the state of Alaska, you can avoid the change fee.

Is Alaska airlines offering free cancellation?

All passengers can cancel their tickets free of charge within 24 hours—regardless of the fare.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight Alaska?

Your cancellation fees will differ based on the type of ticket you have selected.

Can I cancel within 24 hours of booking?

Yes, with Alaska Airlines, you can cancel free of charge within 24 hours of booking.


So this blog answers all the questions related to the cancellation policies, refund policies, and covid cancellation policies of Alaska airlines and explains their customer service to you as a customer of Alaska Airlines. So if you want to travel conveniently according to your plans, you should choose Alaska Airlines.


As a first-time traveler, I had many doubts about the cancellation policies of Alaska Airlines and how to get a refund. However, after reading this blog, I have clarity about these topics, and I got a proper refund thanks to the precise information given in this blog.

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