Are you also thinking that you should no longer travel on Air Canada’s booking date: you are thinking about How can I change my flight ticket date at Air Canada? So for this, you can go to Air Canada’s website and go to Book and Manage; and from there, you can modify your Air Canada ticket date.

How can I change my flight ticket date at Air Canada?

  • To change the Air Canada flight ticket date, you must go to the Air Canada website from this URL
  • After that, you will have to log in to the website if you have already registered: otherwise, register yourself first.
  • And in this way, you will reach the official website of Air Canada, and you will see many menus, out of which you have to click on Book.
  • On clicking on the Book, many options will appear, out of which you will have to go to Book and Manage and click.

And I hope that you will understand all the information given above, there will be no misunderstandings. And if there is any confusion, then you can go to their official website and get details; otherwise, you can call the customer service of air Canada at 1800 102 8182

  • In this way, on clicking on Book and Manage, you will be asked to log in; after logging in, give your details of a booking.
  • This way, after filling in all the details in Book and Manage, your booking will be open; from there, you can go and make any changes.
  • You can also modify your Air Canada date from here; you have to enter your first booking date and the next to which you want to travel.
  • And after modifying after filling in all the details, you will get a confirmation message that the date of your ticket has been changed.

So here is the whole process, every detail of changing the date of flight ticket in Air Canada is well explained, I don’t think And if you feel like you don’t understand some things, you can call Air Canada toll free number for details 1800 102 8182

Air Canada changed its flight

  • Air Canada doesn’t have flight changes quickly unless something terrible happens.
  • For example, Air Canada changes the flight when the weather is terrible or a disaster such as a storm or rain.
  • If you change the Air Canada flight number or flight in such condition, you are messaged so that you do not have any problem.
  • If you want to change anything, you can book and manage travel and get it changed.

So here are some crucial facts from the flight change in Air Canada; if you find some incomplete information, you should visit the official websites. Otherwise, you can contact Air Canada by visiting that page.

Can I reschedule my Air Canada flight?

  • Yes, you can reschedule your Air Canada flight; for that, first, you have to come to the official website by clicking on the URL
  • After that, you can modify the date after filling in your details by going to book and manage.
  • While modifying, you get a confirmation message that you can change the Sure.

You can change this way on an Air Canada flight; for more information, you can call on the numbers mentioned above.

Air Canada manages to book

  • You can manage the booking in Air Canada, so you must follow some steps.
  • For example, first of all, you have to go to the official website, and you will have to log in again from this URL
  • After that, you can change by going to book and manage travel; after filling in the details will modify.

In this way you can manage your booking in Air Canada; hope you have understood everything, now there will be no doubt And if there is any doubt: You also contact their customer service from here.

Air Canada name change fee

  • According to Air Canada’s name change policy, passengers are not permitted to change their name to that of another traveler once.
  • You have to fill in the 13-digit ticket number that has been produced.
  • Passengers can amend misspelled names caused by typos of up to three characters by submitting a $200 name change charge to Air Canada.

For more updates about the change fee of air Canada, you can visit the Air Canada website; otherwise, go to the contact us page and connection with the customer service.

Air Canada Customer service

  • Have you ever thought about how you get instant help in Air Canada? So for this, let me tell you that the customer service of Air Canada works 24 hours a day.
  • You can call them anytime; they will solve your every problem; their customer service provides an excellent and cheap facility.
  • And if you want to contact on their contact number, then by visiting the websites, you can get by visiting that page.

Air Canada customer service numbers are given below, which you can contact by calling. I hope that you must have understood the things mentioned above, now you will not have any misunderstandings.

North America: 0011 800 6699 2222

Canada: 1-888-247-226

Singapore: 65-6238-8112

Saudi: 800 844 1952


Q-1: How can I change my flight without a fee?

Ans: If you are planning to make any changes or reschedule your flight, you must make any changes 24 hours before departure Because if you change 24 hours before the flight, then it is free; if you do it after that, then you have to pay cancellation and modification charges.

Q-2: What is the air Canada customer service email?

Ans: If you want to email Air Canada customer service, if you have any queries, then you have to go to their official website for that After that, go to the website, connect to that page, and you can mail from where and you will get the reply soon.

Q-3: How much do airlines charge for a name change?

Ans: If you talk about name changes, your airlines do not give this permission that you can change the full name of the customer.

Here, we are talking about Air Canada; you cannot change the full name in this. Also, if you miss any character in your name, you can change it. You can do it online by calling the reservation center of the airlines, but for that, you have to give the necessary documents.

Q-4: How much does it cost to transfer the name on an airline ticket?

Ans: Most airlines do not provide this facility that you can book tickets in someone’s name, but some airlines do provide this facility so that they will get the total ticket charges. And talking about Air Canada here, you can only change the name to any name; you must book another ticket in his name.

Q-5: How much does changing a flight with Air Canada cost to change?

Ans: Air Canada charges a change fee of $100 For Standard cost, after the 24-hour window has passed, for every flight that departs in 60 days or less and $25 for flights that depart in 61 days or more. If you are changing to a more expensive option, you will need to pay the price difference.

Q-6: Can I change the flight I already booked?

Ans: Yes, you can change the already booked flight of Air Canada, but for that, you have to go to their official website to book and manage travel And go from there and log in, and after filling in the full details, you can do any changes.

Q-7: Can I change my Air Canada flight date for free?

Ans: Under the new Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy, you can change your flight booking free of charge: If you make a change within 24 hours of booking, regardless of your fare type, if you switch this after 24, you cannot change free you have to pay some charges.

Q-8: Can you change your flight date once booked?

Ans: Yes, you can reschedule or cancel a flight. However, you may need to pay a change or cancellation fee depending on the airline you booked with and the fare class of your ticket.


From this entire blog, this conclusion comes out: If you have any problem related to Air Canada, you can go to their service and contact them. From there, you will be given full assistance and get the answer to every question. Like how do we heal, how do we upgrade flight tickets? All information is shared here; you can get every information by reading this blog.

And I sincerely hope that you must have liked everything shared above and would have understood that you would have enjoyed everything written.!

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